Fire Cooking & BBQ


We want to take you to a place of community and family. There is no better celebration than one that focuses on breaking bread with those around you and the warmth of that connection. We create inspiring and stunning events, cooking with an open fire and fresh ingredients for any type of occasion.


Its a timeless way of cooking that has not been forgotten but has long been dormant. For so long only the BBQ gods claimed the delicious flavors that fire and smoke have to offer. So many great cultures like the gauchos in Argentina have used it from their beginnings and never looked back. Its time to ditch the microwave, the electric coils and reintroduce yourself to the most delicious and complex flavors this beautiful discovery has to offer.

Scott Gypson


Like so many, my story starts with a cheap propane grill that would satisfy most any 4th of July party. Delicious burgers and corn on the cob filled the fire hazard we all love. I had never eaten true BBQ being from Buffalo NY let alone cook any myself. Somewhere along the line i learned about and bought a pellet smoker.  The concept of smokey, wood fired meats and veggies sounded amazing to me. It was almost too easy....i wanted to dive deeper. I read Aaron Franklin's book, "Franklin Barbecue- a Meat Smoking Manifesto". This sparked the desire that was hidden inside. The descriptions of tending fire at the earliest hours of the day with an espresso in hand while pounds of beautiful meat slowly melted into delicious barbecue was enough for me to seek it out. So....I did. This quickly turned into the desire to cook everything over fire. Dinner was now being cooked over the fire pit on a grate soaking up every flavor from the flames and wood that it could. I loved it. The Argentinian Gaucho style of cooking with big pieces of cast iron and meat suspended in the air over fires while delicate fruit gently burns into the most sweet and tasty desserts was my next here we are!! 

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